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VC4 Display und buttons

#1 Beitrag von Stepaan » 19.06.2012, 14:15

Hello my german friends!
It's quite difficult to find any information about Braun Atelier in any other language than german. I had to try my luck here (funny question about the sky on the registration form :-D), so please, be patient ;-)

Recently I bought beautiful Braun VC 4 from some polish reseller. He said it's 100% working, but...
1. The display doesn't show anything. When I insert a cassette, a small writing "cassette" appears in the bottom left corner, but that's all. No counter, no timer – nothing. The reseller says, there is some option to turn on/off the display. He claims it was working, but he doesn't remember the way how to do so.
2. Play, Pause, Stop, Rec, Rew, Ffwd. These buttons on the front opening panel doesn't work. He says they were OK too. Is there some feature similar to the display to turn it on/off? Timer buttons and all other seem to react, but without the display I don't know what's going on ;-) The cassette plays, but I'm unable to do anything else than eject and insert it to stop/play.

Big thanx to anyone who's able to help me out :-)

Stepaan (from Czech rep.)

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#2 Beitrag von BrAms » 19.06.2012, 15:16

Hallo Stepaan,

it is to be feared, that you haven't bought a beautiful Braun VC 4, but rather a bad VC 4 with some parts wanting.
I have also a VC 4 since 1989, but after looking once more at the Operation Intruction, there's no feature similar to the display to turn it on/off.
Also the described buttons seems to be out of order.

I think, the best way is to return this defective device to the polish reseller.

Our board-member carlos have some VC 4 to sell, which are working correctly. If you want, send him a pn or e-mail.

Best regards and good luck for your Soccer-Team in the future
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#3 Beitrag von Stepaan » 19.06.2012, 15:58

That's what I feared of... Hm, I'll return the device to the reseller (It seems, he's really re-seller, not a proper seller). Anyway... Thank you very much for your effort! I will also try the guy you mentioned probably some time in the future.

Hehe, and thanx for your wish to our soccer team. I know we play somewhere these days, but I don't watch soccer actually. ;-)