TG-1000 Ton-motor lauft nicht/ capstan motor does not rotate

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TG-1000 Ton-motor lauft nicht/ capstan motor does not rotate

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I am a dutchman and Unfortunately I am not mastering the german language sufficient to write this in German. I can read it however.
Since a few days I am the lucky owner of a Braun TG-1000, that has been sitting for a long time unused in the attic of the previous owner.
Took it out of its case and cleaned it. Beneath the dust it appeared to be in rather good shape. Reel motors run, pinchroller engages, etc.
Only the capstan motor does not run at any of the three speeds. The belt is in place and you can easily turn the motor by hand.
The three fuses on the power PCB seem fine. I did measure some 27V in several places on the motor fitted PCB.

On this forum I read more threads about failing TG-1000 capstan motors. Possible causes seem to be a.o. a variable resistor (poti) on the motor PCB or a defective elko on the power PCB.
Would any of you have more suggestions or directions what exactly I should check or measure before I take the motor out or replace anything?
Of course the motor could also be defective but, although I don't know the history of this recorder, I don't see any reason for that, and no blown fuses either. (but I am not an electronics expert)

This recorder is quite new to me and it would be nice if I could make it work. It seems very well built and organized. The various removable connectors make it also rather pleasant to work on. Good engineering job for 1970 or so.

Any help to give this machine a second lease on life would be much appreciated. In german language will be fine. Danke schön.